Saturday, 31 July 2021

Drink2Shrink Weight Loss Results


I am so happy that I have kept this blog of my Stroke Victory as it's nearly ten years since that crazy morning I woke up paralyzed. Today I am celebrating as I've managed to get my weight under 14 stone (196 pounds)

That was me a year ago 15 Stone 6 3/4 pounds June 2020

Last summer my wife and I decided to reduce our Carbohydrate consumption since we had tried every diet on the planted from Weight Watchers, Slimming World to the Onion Soup and Cabbage diet - we figured we had nothing to lose - but the weight!

It's hard to believe but it's true I have been overweight for decades. I joking used to say I suffered from a rare condition called 'Guinness Retention' but of course that was not completely true...

So we began AGAIN - serious in the beginning but temptation reared it's ugly head once again, however I did managed to lose a stone. 

14 stone 6 3/4 pounds - June 2021

I had 'stalled' or 'plateaued' and only lost a stone in a year!

I started to add the Drink2Shrink formula 3 times a day. Just a natural organic blend of herbs brewed up, cooled down and blending with any flavour you like ( sugar free) and not only did the scales move I noticed/felt 'Inch Loss' too - my clothes felt looser so much so my trousers started to slip off me.

I then added the amazing Fat Blaster Drops for the first time this week and my weigh in today Saturday 31/07/21 was under 14 stone - ok, it's JUST under but moving in the right direction and it's not all about the scales - it's how you feel!

So watch this space as I continue with a low carb way of eating which I thoroughly enjoy, never hungry and continue my trial of Drink2Shrink Products.

See ya next week with an update.