This is happening right now and is already drawing quite a crowd....
Having partnered with the No.2 guy in this company this is what he has to say:
I am about to do the biggest business launch of my career. I am on a mission to help everyone be at the TOP with me!
My history:
1. 2-time master distributor
2. 1,000,000 customers in my organization
3. Top recruiting awards
4. Multimillion-dollar earner
5. Created a 6 figure income in 41 days
There is no time to waste. This is going to be MASSIVE!
Be serious, and get on board NOW.
We are officially launching on February 25th with 5,000 people!
My goal is to help 10 motivated individuals assemble a team of 200 people each by February 25th and they will potentially qualify to earn a 6 figure income. Hundreds of other people will be able to make fantastic residual commissions!

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