Wednesday, 21 February 2018

6 Year Stroke Anniversary

Well Everyday is a Good day!

I cannot believe its been six years. Six years of research as we decided to take matters into our own hands. I say we as my wife Alison and I were determined not to leave my health in the hands of the various GPs we had to suffer in the early stages of my recovery.

I am sure there are great GPs out there but I'm afraid I have't met one yet. They seem to me to be trained by the Pharmaceutical companies so whatever they say goes. Years of training wasted in my book.

I left hospital on nine synthetically manufactured medications. You will read in my book 'One Stroke Too Many' that I was very grateful to the NHS staff but worried that the after care was a trifle lacking. I eventually asked too many questions and on the last visit my GP was obviously walking towards the door to show me out as I had used up his valuable time and my 10 minute slot was over running. He looked so shocked when I mentioned the NHS website that suggests one can ask for a referral to a Homeopathy service. I asked my dear GP about this and he quickly told me there was no budget for such a thing. That was the last time a visited a GP, approximately 5 years ago. I chose to seek out alternatives and I found Dr Hardy a fabulous homeopathic, fully qualified Doctor - with Common Sense. My first appointment with him was not 10 minutes but 80 minutes and that was the start of the end of GPs for me.

Along with a conscious decision to maintain a healthy body and live a good life, I really didn't have to change much but knowing I didn't have to consume these artificially manufactured poisons forced on me by poorly educated pill pushers, the world seemed a better place.

To add to my arsenal of  'Great Weapons to Rule your Life' ( My New Book coming soon) I have added Organic CBD Oil - This is a Game Changer!

Chat soon.
Have a great day!

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