Thursday, 11 May 2017

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Great Cholesterol Myth

I meant to include this book on my blog

Dr Malcolm talks a lot of sense and I was fortunate in meeting him a few years back.

Blogging, Blogging and Blogging

Blogging is something I need to do at least every day but recently I have lapsed so here goes for a re-kindling of my blog. It started a while back as some relief after I suffered a Stroke in 2012. I woke up paralyzed but make a remarkable recovery and wrote two books later once I got my head together and became physically fit again.

I was to be helpful to me to get the Stroke out of my head and on to paper ( the books) and in a blog so that I may be helpful to others, I believe my book 'Be All You Can Be' can help people who dont know what to do after a Stroke or other debilitating illness or accident.

It has now grown into a blog about making money working from home along with helpful tips on improving your health using natural products and avoiding your GP if at all possible. If you look back at some of my part posts you will see that my relationship with the NHS and GPs were often 'stained'

"Without Your Health you Have Nothing

and Without some wealth there's no pleasure in living"

A famous quote that I just made up but I do believe your health is your wealth and although you can live on very little or even on benefits its a lot better if you can create a good income for yourself to provide some of the comforts in life to help you along. Earning your own money is always going to make you feel good in yourself knowing that you did it by yourself for yourself and maybe a little further down the line you can help others too.

I have dappled with various Health & Wellness companies as an income but I was always concerned with the ingredients on the labels. Sometimes 50-60 ingredients for a simple protein shake. I have come to the conclusion that its best for me to eat things as close to the plant or animal as possible. I aim for organic where possible and only a few product ingredients on the label.

So now I eat better and have no products to sell which I am enjoying immensely and I am enjoying the benefits of Crytpocurrency of all things....I'll tell you more later.

Have a good day!