Saturday, 20 July 2013

9 pound Weight Loss..OMG ?!* (In One Week)

Oh My Goodness.....It really works!

I am not the most negative person you will meet and I am not the most gullable either - I am generally a very positive person but I really did not know if this plan would work?

And Boy did it work!

I weighed in last Sunday ( on the Wii) with a BMI of 33.25
Today I weighed in with a BMI of 31.88

I am now officially 15 stone exactly and that's a massive 9 lbs weight loss in one week.

OK, let me explain. I know all about the fabulous weight losses that people have when they first embark on a diet / healthy eating plan and that often it's not truly representative because there's always a big weight loss in week one...This is not my 'week one'.

I have been playing with weight-loss for years and recently as you will read below I have tried the 5:2 diet, Calorie Counting, I stumbled across Beyond Diet and fell in love with Isabelle's eating regime but now that I've found Joe Cross and Juicing, the combination of all programmes are finally creating results for me along with listening the Shane ( and my
Homeopathic Doctor H - - - I am at peace with the world.

Every Day is a Great Day!
Hope Yours is Too...


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