Friday, 29 March 2013

Being in pain stinks!

Being in pain stinks!

That's exactly the thought I had when my poor husband was practically limping around this past weekend because his hip was "killing him."

Stewart is no stranger to pain. After years of high school and college football, the years of athletic triumph definitely left their mark on his poor body.

Luckily for Stewart he happened to marry the most brilliant woman in the whole world (and she is very modest too...hehe). Over the past several years Stewart has learned that nutrition, smart supplementation, and adequate sleep can work wonders, even for conditions that seem like you have no control over them.

In Stewart's case, since he had already done a decent amount of "banging up" on his body before we even met, I taught him strategies that wouldn't necessarily "fix" his back and hip issues, but could make the pain much much better.

You see, being in pain, negatively affects our lives more than we realize. In my dear husband's case, he loves to exercise, loves to play outside with the kids, and also loves to build awesome stuff using his skills in woodworking. On many days, the pain has stopped him from doing the things he loves and enjoying life the way he wants to.

I promise you this is not a "let's have pity on Stewart" party, because I assure you he would not want that. Instead, he would want you to know, learn, and implement the same principles he has used to control his pain, in your own life, so that you too can do all the things you love each and every day.

If you are feeling pain in your body, whether it's back, hip, knee, or shoulder pain, use the simple methods below to help your body heal in the fastest way possible:

Isabel's Top 3 "take down the PAIN" techniques

1. Replace potential inflammatory foods, with "healing" foods.

Instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners use Raw Honey or Stevia.
Instead of eating processed wheat bread use sprouted whole grain bread.
Instead of eating white pasta use rice or spelt pasta.
Instead of eating processed food, eat wholesome natural foods that come from mother nature.

I know at first glance that may seem like a lot to change, but my motto is "one baby step at a time." I know that's not exactly the most original motto, but it sure does work!

2. Forget the word WORKOUT and begin to use the word MOVEMENT. Unfortunately, people have a very negative perception of the word WORKOUT. Thoughts of "No pain, no gain" and grunting muscle men at a gym are what we tend to use to define the word WORKOUT.

How about thinking of your daily exercise as BODY MOVEMENT instead? Which would mean that on any given day you can choose what type of movement is the best fit for your body.

Instead of pushing heavy objects at a loud gym, how about...

Taking a walk in the sunshine?
Dancing with your headphones on as loud as possible? (Yeah, that's all me.)
Getting up out of your office chair and stretching for 15 minutes?

Let go of what a WORKOUT should look like and choose the MOVEMENT that feels best to you.

3. Consider taking a high quality proteolytic enzyme. Proteolytic enzymes are different that digestive enzymes (digestive enzymes are what you take with food to assist in digestion) in that a proteolytic enzyme will pass through the stomach or intestine lining and enter the circulatory system to break down excess fibrin. Excess fibrin has the ability to restrict adequate blood flow, not allowing red blood cells to reach the capillaries to oxygenate and nourish your muscles and remove the metabolic waste that is causing your pain.

I like to imagine that these proteolytic enzymes are like little Pac Men going through your body eating up the excess fibrin that could potentially be impairing blood flow. This is a much, much better and safer approach than popping pain medication like Advil or Aleve all day long, which comes with a long list of dangerous side effects (chest pain, shortness of breath, weight gain and nausea).

Simple and Safe solution to your aches and pains

The good news for Stewart (and for you as well) is that by implementing the 3 strategies above he is no longer a slave to the pain and can stop so that he can get on with life and the activities he loves.

Give your body the chance to heal itself in a natural and SAFE way (without prescription or over the counter drugs).

Stop pain the safe and easy way
In health and happiness,

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