Thursday, 6 September 2012

Snake Venom is good for you...

Well I never... that's what I'm taking for the next 30 days so I'll let you know.

I trust my new found doctor so I am confident of the positive effects this will have on my well being.

I am including the following in my diet:

The Good Stuff.

DSP Healthy Food Plan - click Isobel's photo above.
No more Red Meat for me, turkey burgers instead.
Snake Venom ( yummy)
Milk Thistle for organ health
Coenzyme Q10 - healthy heart
Hawthorn                    "
Flax Seed Oil              "
Vitamin D
Lestrin ( to control Cholersterol)

Increase my exposure to good sunshine and excercise with cycling and golf although it will have to start as putting since I cannot walk very far at the moment.

So, six months ago I was lying in a hospital bed with no idea of my survival prospects. I couldn't walk or talk. I could not see the food in front of me and the newspaper was just a blur of jumbled up words.

Six months on and I have been declared fit for work, in pretty good shape and feel great!

The not so Good Stuff.   

Although I am truly thankful for the Thombolysis and all the drugs that I was given at the time of my stroke, I am now keen to use as many natural foods, products and remedies as I can.

My ultimate aim is to lose my excess weight, increase my excercise, have a healthy diet and consume zero prescription drugs. - To be Happy Healthy Wealthy & Wise.

I have reduced my medication from 7 or 8 ( I've lost count now) tablets to only 3. Theses are Clopidogrel, Amlodipine and Ramipril.

I no longer take:
(and I've lost my list of others I took earlier)
AND when Dr Kemp from Atos took my blood pressure yesterday it was 130/80)

Have a Great Day!
remember " Every Day above the ground is a Good Day!"

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