Monday, 3 September 2012

Homeopathy Cures my NHS Sickness...

I am a great fan of the NHS and I thank them for caring for me.

However, my NHS Sickness or maybe better described as a slight pain has been greatly reduced by the introduction or Dr Homeopathy ( Dr. H) taken on a daily basis.

It's now six month since a had a stroke and I am forever grateful for the help given by the NHS Staff, Nurses and Doctors. I have nothing but praise for the work they do 24/7.

'So when is he gonna start moaning about them...?'

OK - I am not going to have a moan just a wee observation...

As I said, it's six months now and not one of my many doctors and advisors have mentioned the D word 'Diet' "Hey Stewart, have you ever considered losing some weight?" or "Stewart, how are you feeling?"

Not a sausage ( pardon the pun)

I have had Physio, Language, Occupational Therapy. Blood tests, Organ Scans, Head Scans and every poke and prod you can imagine but no-one has ever asked "what do you eat?" or "How ya feeling?"

Nobody has yet asked me to keep a Diary of what I consume on a weekly basis or if I have any highs or lows that concern me... I was surprised that nobody from the mental health unit scanned me.

However, I guess they maybe did....

Now, that is not a moan and I reiterate my gratitude to all who cared for me.

Luckily I do care about what I consume as you have seen in previous articles and my weight loss plan has been and is very enjoyable.

Loads of great healthy food - I wish I had found this plan many years ago.

I am very happy with my eating plan which is based on reducing sugar intake and removing other harmful products from my diet. It promotes the eating of a balance of healthy Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats using organic natural foods which are readily available in the supermarket.

I have read that countless studies and real world results have proven every principle taught in this plan to be the most effective way to lose weight and prevent disease and negative health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

These three issues are my main concern High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes. My stroke was caused by high blood pressure and a blood clot in my brain and thankfully the doctors helped me using Thrombolysis.

For some types of stroke caused by a blood clot, a 'clot-busting' drug is available to try and stop more damage to the brain. You have this treatment, called thrombolysis, through an injection.

Thrombolysis can only be given within four and a half hours of your stroke symptoms starting, though the sooner it is given the better. It isn’t suitable for everyone, but it is available in a growing number of hospitals in the UK.

About 10 per cent of people treated with thrombolysis will make a good recovery. If it is given within two hours, the recovery rate is even better.

A lot of people are unsuitable for thrombolysis. Some possible reasons for this are:
  • You have a bleed in the brain
  • You do not know or cannot tell the staff when your symptoms began
  • You have a bleeding disorder
  • You have had major surgery within the past two weeks
  • You have had another stroke or head injury within the past three months
  • You are aged under 18 or over 80
  • You do not reach hospital in time.
Every time I read that, it scares me - and I thank my lucky stars.

However, over the last six months whilst taking prescription medications my blood sugar levels have risen bringing me dangerously close to diabetes.

Thankfully I have been taken off Indapamide, one of the drugs given to me to help bring my blood pressure down, but known to increase sugar levels.

I have also chosen to remove Bisoprolol and Simvastatin and include the natural plant sterols and milk thistle instead.

I am down to only three medications now but I hope, through homeopathy, I can reduce that even further and maybe even eliminate prescrition drugs completely.

til next time..

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