Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Weight Loss 2 lbs again!

Hello again, here's my update - I weighed in on the Wii on Sunday morning and Yes! lost 2lbs

Very happy with that but fed up of counting calories, however, it works! If you write down what you are eating and I mean Everything - down on paper and keep below 2000 cals you will lose weight.

I have now changed my eating plan to the Diet Solution Programme and I am loving it.

Monday I had:

Breakfast = 2 Poached Eggs on a slice of buttered bread + tea

Lunch = 3 rashers of Bacon and a fried egg

PM = nibbled on 2 oz cooked chicken , 2 x pears

Evening = 250g beef stir fry ( mince,veg,)

Mixed fruit salad and yohgurt

Feeling full and satisfied.

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