Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wednesday's Diet Solution Plan

Hello and good day to you,

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs on bread n butter + a banana

Lunch: 80g peppered makerel on bread

slice of bread n butter

Evening: grilled salmon and sweet potato n turnip mash + fruit salad n yoghurt

So from a DSP point of view I had 10 Proteins, 10 Carbs and 2 Fats - so far so good!

We have now discovered that we can tweak the protein/carb ratio to suit so we are going to move to a 16P : 9C : 3F from tomorrow.

Just to clarify - every one has a 28 point starting total based on a 2000 kcals intake. The ratio depends on whether you are a Carb Type, Protein Type or Mixed

16+9+3 = 28

(it's all explained in the DSP literature)


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