Sunday, 22 July 2012

I've been lied to for years! The Diet Plan that Works...

Well that's another week in on my diet and Mr. Wii told me yesterday that.......
 I had lost another 2 lbs. OMG!

At Last - - I've found a healthy eating plan that does what it says on the tin.

My total weight loss is now 11 pounds since 11th June 2012 and I've been eating great food, a great variety and Alison has conjoured up some great recipes n menu plans - - in fact you would never know that I was on a diet.

I've been lied to most of my life!

Successive Governments have lied to me with regards to saturated fat and eggs, sweeteners and sugary yoghurt drinks. GM foods, Salmon, 100% beef, Organic food, Barn Fresh Chickens etc etc

I used to favour one political party but now I realise they are all complete tossers and will always say one thing and do the other...promise to do great things whilst in opposition but once in power they will blame the previous government for the state of the country/world and tell us they can't deliver on their promises.

Like any promise it's worth nothing unless it's delivered.

TV and all media advertising is equally very shady - - say one thing, actual truth is something else - they will say anything ( within the law, and that seems quite flexible) to sell products.

Sell sell sell and bugger the health of the consumers (pardon the expression)

When I was a kid the tv ads were saying 'Go to work on an Egg' but it's real purpose was to stimulate the British egg industry not to improve the health of the nation and later Eggwina Curry had a go at eggs saying that they were bad for you - Choleresterol was a new buzz word.

And then with health comes sickness and that's a great business opportunity for the pharma companies.

I wont rant any longer, suffice to say that I don't listen to anyone any government and any media or insider reports, it's all bull!

The best advice will come from your Granny or Grandad or people of the third age. I am now eating foods that my granny ate, products of the land - no skinny latte for me just milky coffee.

No double dip low fat margarine spread for me just butter.

No low calorie processed weight watchers ready meal full of crap for me - - just good ol food!

And it works! Yipee - - -11 lb weight loss and more than that I am confident that this plan works so I have planned my target weight party. I will be slim for the first time in years by Christmas this year.

Watch this space.

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