Friday, 13 July 2012

Fat Friday's will be a thing of the past with my new diet

Thursday's consumptions:

Breakfast: Bread n butter n Cottage Cheese

Lunch: Bread n butter n 2 eggs

Evening:Pork Stew (crockpot) + mixed veg

Supper: Bacon n Egg n Cottage Cheese

all came within my allowance of 14:8:3

Friday Morning: I have developed this great breakfast, it's Bread (of course Spelt) n Butter ( real butter) Cottage Cheese with a poached egg on top ( could have fried) topped with salt n pepper ( yes, you can have healthy Celtic sea salt) - - Delicious!

This breakfast only uses 2 Proteins : 1 Carb : 1 Fat ( 2:1:1)

That's from my allowance of 16:9:3

then I had a pear, some more bread n butter and green tea..

Can't wait until Tea-Time, it's gonna be Salmon on a bed of Mixed Beans.

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