Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Belly Busting Diet Plan

So, here's the rules that I follow...

Bread - has to be Spelt or Sprouted Whole Grain - No poisonous white

Butter has to be butter and not - Poisonous junk that 'can't believe it's not butter'

Meat has to at least 'aim for' Organic where possible - an No it's not too expensive (I've checked)

Eggs - Organic to avoid the 'drugs' that chicken dope heads push on the chic dudes

Once you have worked out your Body Type ( Protein, Carb. or Mixed) you get an eating plan allowance which means you get a Belly Busting healthy food plan to follow.

My 'allowance' is 14 Protein, 12 Carbohydrate and 2 Fats per day so  yesterday's breakdown was this:

2 boiled eggs = 2P (protein)
1 bread = 1C ( carbs)
1 butter = 1F (fat)

3 bacon = 3P

1 pear = 1C

4 walnuts = 4P

5 chicken = 5P
2 beans = 2C

2 fruit = 2C
1 yoghurt = 1C

1 bread = 1C
1 butter = 1F

= 14P + 8C + 2F

that means I used up all my Proteins and Fats but only used 8 of my 12 carbs. ( no you can't carry them over) and I was very satisfied with my foods.

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