Sunday, 22 July 2012

I've been lied to for years! The Diet Plan that Works...

Well that's another week in on my diet and Mr. Wii told me yesterday that.......
 I had lost another 2 lbs. OMG!

At Last - - I've found a healthy eating plan that does what it says on the tin.

My total weight loss is now 11 pounds since 11th June 2012 and I've been eating great food, a great variety and Alison has conjoured up some great recipes n menu plans - - in fact you would never know that I was on a diet.

I've been lied to most of my life!

Successive Governments have lied to me with regards to saturated fat and eggs, sweeteners and sugary yoghurt drinks. GM foods, Salmon, 100% beef, Organic food, Barn Fresh Chickens etc etc

I used to favour one political party but now I realise they are all complete tossers and will always say one thing and do the other...promise to do great things whilst in opposition but once in power they will blame the previous government for the state of the country/world and tell us they can't deliver on their promises.

Like any promise it's worth nothing unless it's delivered.

TV and all media advertising is equally very shady - - say one thing, actual truth is something else - they will say anything ( within the law, and that seems quite flexible) to sell products.

Sell sell sell and bugger the health of the consumers (pardon the expression)

When I was a kid the tv ads were saying 'Go to work on an Egg' but it's real purpose was to stimulate the British egg industry not to improve the health of the nation and later Eggwina Curry had a go at eggs saying that they were bad for you - Choleresterol was a new buzz word.

And then with health comes sickness and that's a great business opportunity for the pharma companies.

I wont rant any longer, suffice to say that I don't listen to anyone any government and any media or insider reports, it's all bull!

The best advice will come from your Granny or Grandad or people of the third age. I am now eating foods that my granny ate, products of the land - no skinny latte for me just milky coffee.

No double dip low fat margarine spread for me just butter.

No low calorie processed weight watchers ready meal full of crap for me - - just good ol food!

And it works! Yipee - - -11 lb weight loss and more than that I am confident that this plan works so I have planned my target weight party. I will be slim for the first time in years by Christmas this year.

Watch this space.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chocolate Fudge weight loss diet...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I had my weigh-in on my wii this morning and lost another 2 lbs.

Very happy - - that's a total of 9 lbs in the last few weeks (see previous posts)

I am so happy that I have finally found a simple healthy eating plan that works!

have a great day

Friday, 13 July 2012

Fat Friday's will be a thing of the past with my new diet

Thursday's consumptions:

Breakfast: Bread n butter n Cottage Cheese

Lunch: Bread n butter n 2 eggs

Evening:Pork Stew (crockpot) + mixed veg

Supper: Bacon n Egg n Cottage Cheese

all came within my allowance of 14:8:3

Friday Morning: I have developed this great breakfast, it's Bread (of course Spelt) n Butter ( real butter) Cottage Cheese with a poached egg on top ( could have fried) topped with salt n pepper ( yes, you can have healthy Celtic sea salt) - - Delicious!

This breakfast only uses 2 Proteins : 1 Carb : 1 Fat ( 2:1:1)

That's from my allowance of 16:9:3

then I had a pear, some more bread n butter and green tea..

Can't wait until Tea-Time, it's gonna be Salmon on a bed of Mixed Beans.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Chocolate Brownies on a Diet?

Well I can't believe how the time flies when your losing weight and writing everything down.

Maybe I'm just more conscious of what I'm eating because I'm writing it down.

Yesterday wasn't such a good day as I had to go to the dentist for two extractions... tryin not to think about it because I have to go back in two weeks to lose another two - - -that's one way to lose weight?

However, I consumed the following:

Tues - Poached egg on Spelt Bread n Butter, a banana.

Chicken Stir Fry on a bed of buckwheat, peppers and peas ( great recipe)

a pear

Tea and slice of Chocolate Brownie ( yes - it's allowed as part of this healthy eating program)

Chocolate Brownie recipe is available on our site.

Not very hungry after the dentist but I had:

Bread n butter

2 bananas

Mince n Chick Peas

Fruit Salad

then my appetite came back so had Smoked Makerel on brean n butter

All was within my Daily P:C:F allowance


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Monday's Mince & Tatties Diet

Yes, today I had mince n tatties - delicious!

I enjoyed bread n butter and poached egg in the morning and later some ripe cherries.

Recipes are all available at DSP..

stay happy!

Monday, 9 July 2012

7 lbs Weight-Loss for Stroke Survivor

Oh, I'm so excited now that I've found a sustainable weight loss plan.

So far I've lost a total of 7 lbs and that's regular weight loss over 4 weeks, slow n steady but reliable -  (could be my wife's description of me - a typical Taurean)

However, I've tried the Fast n Furious weight loss plans before and as usual when you've exhausted the enthusiasm of a Fad Diet all the weight goes back on and some more... sound familiar?

So, here goes for another week of delicious food choices!

Yesterday's consumptions:

Breakfast - spinach omlette
bread n butter

11's - 10 cherries

Lunch - bacon sandwich

17 grapes

Evening - huge plate of roast chicken, mixed veg (brocc, cauli,carrots, potatoes)
fruit cocktail n yoghurt

Supper: honey smoked trout, boiled egg, avocado, bread n butter - tea.

have a good day!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

3 Healthy Diet Meal Plans

Hi, I have given you some idea of the foods that I have been eating and just because I lack imagination - you don't have to.

Here's some ideas for healthy, filling meals...

Click This Link!

Saturday's Slap up Meals for Weight Loss

Well, it's Sunday morning and I have just weighed in on my wii and the result is ------

Weight Loss of 3 lbs

I am very happy to say the least!

This is my first weigh-in after starting the DSP but don't get confused - - -this is not some first week fluke weight loss.

I have spent the last three weeks on my own calorie counting plan so I'm way past the easy bit that many get excited about after their first week weigh in.

You can see the last three weeks posts in this blog detailing the food I ate and the weight I lost.

Week 1 = lost 2 lbs
Week 2 = 0 lbs
Week 3 = lost 2 lbs
This Week = Changed my eating plan to DSP = lost another 3 lbs

This is what I ate yesterday:

2oz peppered makerel
1 boiled egg

3 bacon medallions on bread
1 peach

Thai Chicken Curry and Rice (what a fill, I was stuffed)

17 Fresh Cherries

1 bread n butter

Click Here!
This is the DSP video that explains what I have been doing and how you can get started for $1

Friday, 6 July 2012

Fat Loss Friday with Spicy Lamb

This is how I scribble in my note pad:

My Notepad

                                                   Protein                          Carbs                                   Fats

3 bacon                    3

1 egg                         1                                                                                                          0.5

1 bread                                                                                 1

1 butter                                                                                                                                1

1 peach                                                                                 1

bread                                                                                     1

butter                                                                                                                                   1

mixed nuts                       1

Minced Lamb and Spicy Beans  8                                        3

mixed nuts                     1

sultanas                                                                                     1

bread                                                                                            1

sardines                       1.5                                    

Allowance = 16 : 9 : 3
Used = 15.5 : 8 : 2.5

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thursday's Diet Plan

This morning I had a slice of delicious Spelt & Pumkin Seed bread n butter with a mug of green tea.

Then I had 4oz of Peppered Makerel, Bread n Butter

and later I had 5oz of Pan Fried Pork Loin, with Bacon Medallions and Egg ( tomatoes, mushrooms and potatoes)
Fruit Salad with Yoghurt

I used 12P, 7C and 2F

regards Stewart

Wednesday's Diet Solution Plan

Hello and good day to you,

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs on bread n butter + a banana

Lunch: 80g peppered makerel on bread

slice of bread n butter

Evening: grilled salmon and sweet potato n turnip mash + fruit salad n yoghurt

So from a DSP point of view I had 10 Proteins, 10 Carbs and 2 Fats - so far so good!

We have now discovered that we can tweak the protein/carb ratio to suit so we are going to move to a 16P : 9C : 3F from tomorrow.

Just to clarify - every one has a 28 point starting total based on a 2000 kcals intake. The ratio depends on whether you are a Carb Type, Protein Type or Mixed

16+9+3 = 28

(it's all explained in the DSP literature)


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Does Fat really make you Fat?

This may be confusing but Fat is not all bad - in fact, it's Good!

Watch this clip for clarification.


Belly Busting Diet Plan

So, here's the rules that I follow...

Bread - has to be Spelt or Sprouted Whole Grain - No poisonous white

Butter has to be butter and not - Poisonous junk that 'can't believe it's not butter'

Meat has to at least 'aim for' Organic where possible - an No it's not too expensive (I've checked)

Eggs - Organic to avoid the 'drugs' that chicken dope heads push on the chic dudes

Once you have worked out your Body Type ( Protein, Carb. or Mixed) you get an eating plan allowance which means you get a Belly Busting healthy food plan to follow.

My 'allowance' is 14 Protein, 12 Carbohydrate and 2 Fats per day so  yesterday's breakdown was this:

2 boiled eggs = 2P (protein)
1 bread = 1C ( carbs)
1 butter = 1F (fat)

3 bacon = 3P

1 pear = 1C

4 walnuts = 4P

5 chicken = 5P
2 beans = 2C

2 fruit = 2C
1 yoghurt = 1C

1 bread = 1C
1 butter = 1F

= 14P + 8C + 2F

that means I used up all my Proteins and Fats but only used 8 of my 12 carbs. ( no you can't carry them over) and I was very satisfied with my foods.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

4lbs down and raring to go with new Diet Plan...


Hello again, this is day 2 of the Diet Solution Plan (DSP)

2 boiled eggs and tea

1 slice of buttered bread with 3 rashers of bacon on top

1 x Pear
40g of Walnuts

Roasted Chicken on a bed of Spicy mixed Beans
Fruit Salad n Yoghurt

1 slice of bread n butter

==> the five foods you should never eat

Weight Loss 2 lbs again!

Hello again, here's my update - I weighed in on the Wii on Sunday morning and Yes! lost 2lbs

Very happy with that but fed up of counting calories, however, it works! If you write down what you are eating and I mean Everything - down on paper and keep below 2000 cals you will lose weight.

I have now changed my eating plan to the Diet Solution Programme and I am loving it.

Monday I had:

Breakfast = 2 Poached Eggs on a slice of buttered bread + tea

Lunch = 3 rashers of Bacon and a fried egg

PM = nibbled on 2 oz cooked chicken , 2 x pears

Evening = 250g beef stir fry ( mince,veg,)

Mixed fruit salad and yohgurt

Feeling full and satisfied.