Monday, 18 June 2012

Weight Loss Result - Dropped 2 lbs - Lost 2 lbs!!

Yippee! Result!

Sunday Morning Weigh-In using the Wii when the little guy speaks so me ( yes it's true!)

He did say firstly 'Too High'  - he was referring to my BMI - ( If my height was seven foot two it would be ok) but he did make me happy with a clear 2 pound weight loss.

Oh, let's celebrate with a cream cake..?

Although I do believe in celebrating an acheivement and rewarding a good result it would be wrong to lose the plot and pig-out on Sundays.

However, this is what I consumed...

Usual Breakfast but had toast with cheese and pastrami. ( Pastrami = only 18 cals per slice)

Lunch: Tesco finest Teriyaki Chicken + Rice = 390 cals.
+ Crispie Biscuit.

Evening: Home Made Chilli (Mince Beef with Spicy Beans), Bread, Biscuits, + Alc-free Beer

I don't count calories on Sunday but I do write it down - There's just something about writing it down that helps you keep on track.

Well, here's to another good week!

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