Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunday Roast?....yes you can! Diet Day 14

I have read stories of how you can 'enjoy your favourite roast and still lose weight..' I don't think so!

Maybe if you have a matchbox size piece of beef and one roast potato.

My favourite roast is normally so big you cannot see the plate underneath it so you'd have to consider around 1000 calories if you want one.

So, no - I wont be having a roast today but I will be having a Milky Coffee!

It seems as if everywhere I go people are clambering the streets to find the best coffee shop, Starbucks or Costa? Is it a modern thing..

I have been drinking Latte since I was a wee boy and my grandmothers both made a mean Latte in Deerness, Orkney where we lived.

The fact is in my childhood days it was simply called 'Milky Coffee' and had nothing to do with famous Italian coffee houses.

Todays recipe for Milky Coffee is:

2 teaspoons Necafe Original in a large coffee cup = 2 cals
300 mls 2% semi-skimmed milk = 150 cals.

Heat milk in microwave for 5 mins, pour onto coffee granules and serve - delish!

Breakfast: toast n cheese n pastrami = 181
Square Biscuit = 156

11's - milky coffee n square b. = 308

Alc-Free Beer = 300


Home made Chilli con carne = 400
Bread = 108
Cheese = 55
Sandwich Spread = 16
Rice = 196
Square = 156

Muesli = 450

Total = 2028 my school report card said "Could do Better"

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