Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday's Saturated Fats..? Diet Day 13

Short n Sweet today:


Lost the plot. I left my house with just having my Weetabix at 9 am and went to the market for some fruit and veg etc. However, I felt a bit shaky by 1pm and had to grab something to eat. I popped into a corner shop and thought that I would have a light sandwich but upon searching the best they had was boiled egg and ham. I selected the sandwich and quickly had a look at the label and to my horror - - -there was no calorie breakdown on the label! I was shocked - - - I could tell the calories in this sandwich... so I guessed around 300. A Sausage Roll caught my eye and it had a lable saying each pack contained 240 cals so I chose to eat this instead. I made a poor choice but I needed to eat something as I felt too bad - - the moral to the story is "Don't go shopping on an empty stomach!"

2 x sausage rolls = 480


Chinese Special Curry and Boiled Rice = 600
Muller Rice = 196
Square = 156

All washed down with several beers from my Alcohol-Free order = 456

Total = 2253

I weighed in on the Wii this morning and was still the same weight :(
Total Weight Loss = 0      
I think it would be fair to say, that was another bad day. Not a crazy, really bad day but at around 2500 cals I will gain weight. 2253 is acceptable only to maintain my current weight. I need to keep below 2000 to lose another 2 lbs.

Tomorrow is another day!  :)

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