Monday, 11 June 2012

My Stroke Victory!

I thought that I would tell you a litte about my stroke. I can't believe it hit me only 3 months ago.

I was arising from my slumber on Wednesay 7th March around 6.30 am and my wife was a little perturbed since I was taking up more that my fair share of the bed...nothing new really but as I attemped a manouvere to exit my bed it became apparent to us both that I could not move.
Stuck Fast!

My struggles led me to land on the bedroom floor in a heap and that's when the penny dropped - something was wrong.

My legs and arms were like rubber collapsed about me in all directions and I lay helpless while my wife, Alison, called the Ambulance which seemed to arrive from nowhere and in no time at all.

They were fabulous and whisked me to the hospital at speed.

To cut the story short I had suffered a Stroke caused by a blood clot or blockage in my brain.

I was treated with clot busting drugs and twelve weeks later I am feeling pretty good thanks to all the staff at Portsmouth QA Hospital and Chichester's St Richard's Hospital and all the Physiotherapists, Language Therapist and Occupational Therapists who treated me.

Twelve weeks ago I could not walk, see properly or speak properly yet gradually with care and medication the feeling came back into my arms and legs and my remaining disability is confined to my right wrist where my only difficulties are in the finer skills of my fingers. I cannt write very well or hold cutlery for example.

I am generally quite tired most of the day but I feel that I am on the mend now.

My medication has been modified from time to time but I think it is now stable and my focus is now on reducing my weight and with that I may be able to gradually reduce some of my medication.

The main positive is that my Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels are on target and I know that some weight loss will also help with all aspects of good health.

SO, the main reason for this blog is to honestly document my calorie intake from this day forth. I hope it might be of some help to others and will surely help some to avoid the trauma of a Stroke.

With that in mind you will see I called this introduction 'My Stroke Victory'....for a reason. It would be very easy to consider myself a Stroke Victim. I am not a Victim but a Victor and I thank my lucky stars for that.

your very good health,

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