Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday's Fat Loss Diet - Alcohol Free!

Hello again, I forgot to mention that I had a couple of beers last night whilst watching Question Time on the TV.

It's our favourite politics show, and often good for a laugh at the same time, oh how they do avoid the questions...

However, before you right me off for boozing - Look for this great drink!

It's called Equator.

  • Beer flavour
  • Zero Sugar
  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Alcohol
Can go wrong with such a beverage - and it's very refreshing.

Got some great cheese today called Leerdammer Light - only 55 cals per slice.

So today I have had Weetabix ( again?...I know, how boring I am but I like a bit of routine..and it's quick and easy, I promised myself a chopped banana on top..but just couldn't do it!)
209 kcals

Again, I had a tasty John West (Light Lunch in a tin) French Style = 250

+ Toast x 2 - 100 cals per slice with Sandwich Spread and 1 cheese slice between them = 304
Choc Biscuit 158

Friday Night is Curry night!

Chicken Balti (Tesco) 410
+ Rice 144
= 554 cals
Caramel Chocolate Bar 134 cals

AND - a couple of Biers... 189 cals

Why Bavaria Wit? Where to start? It's a wheat beer, not just "another" alcohol-free lager. It's non-alcoholic (not 0.5%, not 0.05% - it's really 0.00%). Oh, and it tastes amazing!
Calories? Only 27 Kcal per 100ml. That means a 330ml can comes in at 90 kcals... yippee!

total today - - - 1798 kcals ... i can't believe it..

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