Monday, 11 June 2012

The Calorie Count

I just wanted to share with you that although I am not 'counting calories' as in a Diet Club, I will be reading labels and taking an interest in what I am consuming - it's the only way - I believe, and if I am taking an interest in what I am eating it's best to 'Write it Down'.

Some people use a diary and find that very useful.

I will log all my consumptions in here.

So, as you will have seen in an earlier post, I am 216lbs ( 15 stone 6 lbs) and that's a good 3 stone ( 42lbs) TOO heavy so my mission is to lose the extra 42+ lbs necessary.

Today I have enjoyed:

 2 x Weetabix in 150mls 2% semi-skimmed milk - Weetabix = 134kcals + milk 75kcals - don't forget to add the 209 kcalories

John West Light Lunch - French Style Tuna Salad - fabulous choice, comes in a tin less than 250kcals

Alpen Cereal Bar = 123 kcals

Main Meal tonight was 2 x Wraps and Mexican Chilli Sauce ( with minced beef) = 500 kcals

Muller Light Rice Custard = 211 kcals

Tea & Alpen Bar = 123

Bowl of cereal = 325

Total = 1741  Pretty Good Day!


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