Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Boomtown Rats...I don't like Mondays...Diets

Diet days are all the same whether it's Mondays or Fridays but I think my diet is going to get a whole lot better from now on. Got an encouraging email from Diet Support so I'm going to start my new eating plan soon.

But for today it's good old boring Weetabix for breakfast although I did break out a small banana to liven it up today. = 296

Toast + Pastrami + Cheese and Spread ( as usual) X 2 = 434

Square Bix = 156

Evening: John West Tuna + Potato Salad n Beetroot = 360
Muller Rice n Custard = 211

Total = 1457
That's all I can have tonight because I have a blood test in the morning and I have to fast from 9pm...


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